Anglican Urban Network in Africa Background

Within the Anglican Communion in Africa there has been growing interest in how to engage more
intentionally and strategically in mission within a rapidly changing urban context.

The perception of Africa as a rural continent, and the church as a largely rural church, is no longer tenable. The recent State of African Cities report (2010), points to the reality that Africa now has almost 50 cities with populations over a million, and these have a combined total population of 126 million.

The growth of cities in Africa has been one of the remarkable features of the past decade with a number of cities growing by between 25 and 50% between 2005 and 2010. Rapid urban growth, increased urban poverty and the consequent reconfiguring of social structures in many African nations poses both challenges and opportunities for the mission of the church.

As provinces, dioceses and parishes address themselves to the changing context of mission, one of the key questions is how can new ideas, good practice and experience in training, ministry practice, and mission initiatives be shared in ways which strengthen the church in mission. The aim of the proposed network is to serve that purpose.