CAPA Programmes Good Governance & Peace Building

Healing, Forgiveness and Renewal for a Just and Peaceful Society

The perpetual conflicts in most African communities have left communities on the continent bleeding and struggling with post conflict socio-psycho problems like trauma. Unless we are able to achieve transformed relationships at both the family and national level we cannot have viable communities. Many of these conflicts are associated with inter-ethnic and religious rivalry, undemocratic tendencies among those in leadership, scarcity of resources, poor gender relations among families. While conflicts are a key component of life it is essential to find more constructive ways of managing and resolving conflicts if communities have to live a fulfilling life. Communities must be enabled to appreciate diversity as an asset rather than a liability.

There is an urgent need to transform the existing military culture into a culture of peace through enabling policies and practices that promote structured dialogue and promote peaceful co-existence. CAPA shall:

1.Advocate for national and regional framework for conflict management and reconciliation and shall facilitate the engagement of Churches in areas of conflict and link their initiatives with continental interventions such as the African Union and regional economic /political bodies i.e. ECOWAS, EAC, and SADAC etc.

2.Establish a framework of building Capacity of religious leaders and key state institutions to address conflict in churches and communities

3.Develop pastoral materials for civic education where there is needs to strengthen democratic culture and institutions of governance.

4.Establish a special ministry in consultation with the network of chaplaincy in the continent to provide pastoral care to leaders who are vulnerable or who seek spiritual intervention as part of their journey of self-actualization.