Economic Empowerment

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CAPA’s stakeholders are faced with socio-economic and environmental challenges. Oftenly those under CAPA’s care especially children are orphaned due to HIV & AIDS or war while others are refugees and marginalized groups. The burden for the provinces are to respond comprehensively to those needs being felt acutely by all the provinces. The economic empowerment program focuses on developing the capacity of provinces in order to empower their diocese and parishes economically. The key result areas that CAPA will focus on are coordinating theological reflections on wealth and poverty and pro-poor socio-economic policy advocacy at continental, international and national levels.

CAPA as a continental platform will coordinate resource mapping, mobilization and management to promote macro and micro project financing and the province and diocese level. CAPA will coordinate Christian investment, risk analysis and management.

The expected output from the economic empowerment program includes; establishment of macro and micro project financing, each province has formed a cooperatives movement for economic empowerment and there is increased provincial income through investments, risk analysis and management.