Quality Healthcare & Support

CAPA has been engaged for decades in the provision of quality health care and support. Under this program, CAPA’s strategic objective is to contribute to quality health care and support through accessibility, affordability and popularization on primary health care services (PHC). Through its provinces in Africa, CAPA and other faith based organizations account for over 60% of quality health care service delivery especially, in remote communities which are socio-economically disadvantaged and on the margin. During this strategic plan period, CAPA will strengthen health systems to deliver sustainable integrated health care services to Church and community members in partnership with related governmental and non- governmental organizations.

HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB), and Malaria (ATM) infections are the three most leading cause of death in Africa. These diseases are often associated with poverty consequently, making people vulnerable to further deprivation. The ATM infections have taken greatest toll of young and most productive generations of the church and the wider community thus undermining and reversing Africa’s socio – economic developmental gains. CAPA is uniquely positioned with the ability to reach out to communities through her organized network and constituencies i.e. provinces and dioceses.

CAPA is able to reach over 40 million regular and faithful members of the church on the continent. This niche, affords CAPA the opportunity to educate, care, support and express God’s love to individuals and communities that are infected and affected by ATM. Under the HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria program CAPA will focus on prevention, care, support and management of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB. Through this intervention, CAPA will contribute to the reduction of the spread of HIV in Africa and advocate for quality care and support. CAPA aims at contributing to the continental reduction of TB morbidity and mortality in the Provinces and Dioceses. CAPA expects to realize the following output under the quality health care and support program;

  • bullet3 Increased HIV/AIDS awareness, education, prevention and management;
  • bullet3 Increased counseling services, treatment, support and pastoral care to PLWAs;
  • bullet3 Enhanced theological education and training on HIV/AIDS, Malaria & TB;
  • bullet3 Increased awareness on Human Sexuality;
  • bullet3 Reduced mortality rates;
  • bullet3 Reduction on Stigma, denial and Discrimination;
  • bullet3 Strengthened collaboration and partnership on HIV/AIDS & TB research.