ACT Bishops and Wives Retreat


Bishops and their wives from the Anglican Church of Tanzania (ACT) held a retreat in Mombasa from 3rd to 9th September 2013. The retreat organised by CAPA and ACT Provincial Office was sponsored by US(formely USPG). The retreat was facilitated by among others, the Archbishop of Kenya Eliud Wabukala, retired Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, Dr Agnes Abuom. The bishops and their wives received a very warm welcome from the host Bishop Julius Kalu, his assistant Bishop Lawrence Dena, Provost Kiseu and other senior clergy from the Diocese. During the retreat, they visited the Pwani Anglican Development Services (ADS) Office where the Director John Mangenge shared the history and the work of ADS (formely CCS). They also visited one of the ADS Projects.


On Sunday, the ACT Bishops and their wives worshipped with Christians in various churches. They were able to experience firsthand the hospitality of Mombasa Christians.


The Objectives of the retreat were:


  • To renew our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and His mission.
  • To strengthen our fellowship and collaboration as bishops in the Province of The Anglican church of Tanzania in fulfilling our calling.
  • To explore our historical missionary roots and determine how they can inform and enrich our response to the opportunities and challenges of God’s mission in Tanzania.
  • To revisit our call to holistic ministry and determine how we can best represent Jesus Christ in our Dioceses and Tanzania as

    ACT Bishops Retreat

    a whole.
  • To explore how we can improve our collaboration with our Partners in Mission.