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CAPA wishes to formally announce that the CAPA Youth Congress will take place from 4-8 December 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya is well on course.


The organising committee, approved and supported by the Standing Committee, consists of some of the Provincial Youth Coordinators and has been working to lay down the groundwork for a successful Congress.


The goal of the Youth Congress is to bring together about 300 youth representatives from every CAPA Province spread out over the entire continent to share experiences and successes on Youth Ministry in the dynamic times we live in, seek solutions to the crippling Youth unemployment statistics and lay the foundation for Entrepreneurship and business networks under the mentorship of successful young Anglicans already engaged in entrepreneurial activities. We look forward to a vibrant, energetic meeting.


Based on this goal, CAPA seeks to meet the objectives of:

  1. Fellowship, prayer and Bible exposition
  2. Bringing together Youth representatives from every Province and the Diocese of Egypt for the first ever Youth Congress
  3. Share learning and strategize on Evangelism and Discipleship in a dynamic continent
  4. Mobilise the youth to engage with emerging challenges including religious extremism, climate justice and human trafficking
  5. Learn from enterprising young Anglicans on what it takes to shift the narrative from unemployment to wealth creation
  6. Lay the foundation for enterprise/business networks at national level

We anticipate a renewed impetus towards Youth ministry in CAPA Provinces based on existing and new strategies to ensure that the Youth in the African Anglican Communion are grounded in their faith and ambassadors to the market place.


We also expect to see vibrant networks of young entrepreneurs exploiting their numbers and vigour to change the situation from unemployed & idle to wealth creating enterprise owners after the Congress.


The Youth Congress will focus on the areas of Youth Evangelism & Discipleship in contemporary Africa, Economic Empowerment with a specific focus on Entrepreneurship & the launching of National level business networks for Anglican youth and Peace & Nation Building. The forum will also be used to raise awareness on the growing concerns around Human Trafficking and Modern slavery which mainly targets those under 35 (and children) as well as stir them up towards greater involvement in Climate Change mitigation and adaptation. This is because in the spirit of holistic ministry, youth need to be encouraged to have hope for the future through equipping them with skills and knowledge. 

More information on this please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; +254 703 878787