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It was indeed at time to pray and play as the CAPA Congress came to close. The dream of bringing the youth of the continent together had eventually been achieved. The Congress which brought together close to 300 delegates from Africa and beyond, was held from 9th to 14 April 2018. All the CAPA Provinces with the exception of Nigeria sent delegates to the Congress which was held at the Multi Media University Conference Centre in Kajiado County, Kenya. There were also representatives from other Anglican Provinces in the Communion. The theme of the Congress was RELEASING YOUTH POTENTIAL, REALIZING POSSIBILITIES FOR AFRICA


The overall objective of the Congress was to provide space for young people to interact, to reflect on global trends and the prospects and challenges they present and to engage with Scripture, so as to gain a deeper understanding of the Gospel imperative and spiritual resources available to them as they engage with their reality.


Archbishop Chama and Archbishop Ntagali both CAPA Chair and Vice Chair respectively celebrated the opening Holy Communion Service. The leader was the youthful Kenyan Bishop John Omangi. Renowned Bishop Zac Niringiye led the daily bible expositions while Prof. PLO Lumumba, one of the greatest Africa orators, a don and a lawyer led the plenary session “Is Africa Really Rising? Possibilities for the Youth of the Continent


The delivery of the Congress was through plenary sessions, group discussion and workshops.

The Congress topics included:

a) Bible exposition and group Bible studies

b) Opportunities and Case Studies on effective discipleship & evangelism among the youth in a secularised world

c) Prospects and pitfalls for Africa as the world’s youngest continent

d) Values and Ethics Possibilities for the youth of the continent in the ‘Africa Rising’ discourse

e) Panel discussions by successful youth in business

f) Values and Ethics: the missing link

g) The Africa population burden: the Eyes on the Youth

h) Entrepreneurship : job seekers or creators

i) Peace and nation building : which way for global peace

j) Climate change : making responsible choices

k) Migration, human trafficking and modern slavery : Globalization myths and dreams

l) Religious extremism and radicalisation: Bridging the gaps

m) Tapping into existing resources for societal renewal : the experiences of the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP)


There was a lot of energy and creativity characteristic of the youth, as the Provinces tried to outdo each other during the sports, cultural night and talent show that marked the end of the Congress.


More information as well as reports of the congress will be shared here.

You can access photos from the Congress from our facebook Page here