CAPA Programmes Institutional Development

For CAPA to deliver on this strategic plan, it will require the requisite institutional arrangements and capacity. Under the institutional development, CAPA will strengthen its institutional capacities and organs to deliver its mandate. The key result areas under institutional strengthening include; governance and strategic leadership, strengthening operational mechanisms, systems and procedures, improved fellowship, collaboration and information sharing between Provinces; active participation and improved performance of all CAPA organs in the implementation and increased financial base for sustainability; enhancing communication and information management systems.

All core activities under organizational development program shall derive from and be supportive of systematic capacity building of the secretariat team, executive committee, membership and staff of CAPA. The key result areas that CAPA will focus on during this strategic plan period include:- management backstopping; clearly defining roles and functions of stakeholders and all governing organs of the council in order to deliver their mandate; resource mobilization and acquisition of sufficient fiscal resources, adequate equipment and facilities alongside conducive working space; managing communications, fellowship, collaboration and information sharing among the membership; records and information management; administration, monitoring and evaluation.

The expected output from CAPA’s institutional development include:- consolidated and strengthened capacity of CAPA’s strategic leadership and governing bodies in the implementation of the strategic plan; active participation and improved performance of all CAPA organs; institutional capacity of CAPA secretariat, province, diocese strengthened to implement the planned activities; increased financial sustainability; improved fellowship, collaboration and information sharing between provinces; efficient communication systems in place and archives established (periodicals, journals, newsletters); and a resource centre for information management established.