CAPA Programmes Partnership Development

CAPA’s strategic objective under the partnership development program is to deepen dialogue and build partnerships in order to maximize impact. In the implementation of this strategic plan, CAPA will strengthen and build new partnerships and alliances with many different parties. CAPA will develop partnership policies that will guide its partnership processes. As a continental organization, CAPA will strengthen its partnership with ecumenical and interfaith bodies to realize its mandate. Other global bodies CAPA will build partnership with include; African Union, East Africa Community, SADC, ECOWAS and other global bodies like European Union, United Nations, Commonwealth, Britton wood institutions.

Under the partnership development program, CAPA identified two key result areas of partnership building, formation of strategic alliances and working on partnership relations and values for a strengthened partnership. CAPA expects the following outputs from this program;

  • CAPA’s strategic alliances formed and partnerships strengthened with global, regional, local agencies and interfaith
  • CAPA’s work enhanced through global, regional and national partnerships and alliances
  • Partnership policies formulated and monitoring & evaluation tools for assessing partnerships operationalized;
  • Memorandum of understanding with existing and potential partners operational