Burundi Province Profile

Primate: The Most Revd. Martin Nyaboho
Provincial Secretary: Félibien NDINTORE
Provincial Treasurer: Mrs. Christine Niyonkuru

There are at least one million Anglicans in Burundi out of an estimated population of 9 million. An Anglican presence was established through the work of the CMS in the 1930s and grew rapidly as a result of the East African Revival. The former Ruanda Mission (now CMS) set up its first mission stations at Buhiga and Matana in 1935, and Buye in 1936. Activities were mainly focused on evangelism, education and medical work. The first national bishop was consecrated in 1965 and Buye diocese was created, covering the whole country.

Nine dioceses now make up the Province : Buye(1965), Bujumbura(1975), Gitega(1985), Matana(1990), Makamba(1997), Muyinga(2005), Rumonge (2013), Rutana(2017), Buhiga(2017).

Throughout the difficult periods of crisis since Independence in 1962 the Church has continued to focus on the original three-fold vision. Issues relevant to the present day such as conflict resolution, peace building and reconciliation, HIV/AIDS and malaria, conservation and care of the environment, and the status and protection of women are also being addressed.

Beginnings – some key dates:

1935 – Mission stations created at Buhiga and Matana

1936 – Mission station created at Buye

1937 – Matana hospital opened

1939 – Theological college (now Bishop Barham College) built at Buye

1948 – Start of Mothers’ Union Rwanda – Burundi

1951 – New Testament in Kirundi

1955 – First deacons ordained

1967 – Kirundi Bible published by United Bible Society

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