Anglican Urban Network in Africa Purpose

The network will serve the following objectives:

1. Linking theological educators and practitioners who have an interest in mission and ministry in urban areas.

2. Sharing of stories, successes and failures, which enhance our understanding of mission in cities.

3. To encourage the development of pilot projects and new models of urban mission which other dioceses and provinces could learn from.

4. To identify emerging trends and changing contexts in urban Africa.

5. Promoting strategic thinking about urban mission.

6. Promoting the development of training resources which could be used around the continent both in formal theological education and in capacity building.

7. Identifying “champions”, strategic individuals whose experience could be shared beyond their local context.
8. Liaising with other churches and denominations to gain from their experience
9. Linking diocese/provinces with organisations (NGOs FBOs, UN, Mission organisations) and resources which would enhance the work of mission.
10. Helping resource the church in emerging urban contexts (eg Sudan), through sharing of experience, capacity building, training.

11. Appropriate dissemination of key information, policy documents, research, to provinces as it affects mission and ministry in urban areas. (This could relate to anything from best practice in urban development through to responses to issues around land rights, evictions or disaster management.)