Anglican Urban Network in Africa Strategic Partners

This process will work through CAPA but drawing on the engagement of two other key players which have, in different ways, a pan African perspective on mission. The strengths of this would be:

CAPA – works across the entire Anglican Communion in Africa and is the networking body for the Anglican Provinces with the potential to reach over 45 million church members in Africa. With its focus on equipping church leaders across the continent, CAPA’s strategic plan addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by urbanisation. These are particularly considered in terms of theological education and reflection (5.5), and in addressing social and missiological issues associated with migration and urban pop growth (5.5.6).

CMS Africa has a much narrower reach in terms of the provinces in the Communion in which it is currently involved. However it stands within a long history in respect of mission, has significant mission capital, has a commitment to networking, and has relationships at diocesan as well as provincial levels. CMS has a strong focus and significant experience in business as mission, which would be an important component of urban mission strategies.

Church Army Africa – has a narrower focus in terms of the provinces where it is present but has a specific commitment to integral mission in urban areas and an “Army” of captains, some of whom work in urban areas. Church Army has a HEAL Africa Agenda, focussing on Health, Education, Advocacy and Leveraging economic empowerment. Experience in these strategic interventions would be valuable in developing an urban mission agenda.

Through these partners we will endeavour to engage with other organisations which have a strategic interest and commitment to engaging with urban issues in Africa.