Church Mobilisation (CM) is about mobilising the local church and/or denominations to respond to the needs of their community. A church, or group of churches, is envisioned and mobilised to identify and respond to the needs of their community. The resulting initiatives are not predetermined normally but are based on the community needs assessment completed by the church. Sometimes, though, a church decides to address a specific, predetermined issue (for example, HIV or savings and loans) in the community and prepares the appropriate programmes or projects to achieve this.

CM does not focus on mobilising the wider community, rather it seeks to mobilise and enable the local church to meet the needs of the community. In this sense, it is a welfare approach because the church responds to the perceived needs of the community. This differs from church and community mobilisation because the church retains ownership in addressing the needs identified.  CM can be appropriate in contexts where the Christians are a marginalised minority without a voice in the community or where they are seeking to have a prophetic voice to change social norms.

To mobilise the community so that together church and community enter the process of identifying needs, mobilising resources and responding – Church and Community Mobilisation 

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