CCMP Monitoring and documentation tool kit aims at improving the quality of CCMP implementation and documentation by local churches and communities. It also aims at enhancing involvement in defining, implementing, and monitoring the quality improvement process. An integral part of this process involves providing CCMP coordinators, facilitators, local church and community members with the skills and tools for systemic support they need to monitor, improve and document the progress of CCMP in their churches and communities CCMP Monitoring and documentation Toolkit provides a set of tools that have been developed as a result of on-going learning and consistent need to ensure quality of CCMP and effective scale up. They are provided here as a resource to supplement CCMP manual for CCMP coordinators and facilitators. We hope that this toolkit will enable practitioners to better plan, design, implement, reflect, evaluate and document progress of their CCMP work. Please use these tools and adapt them as needed. A you use the CCMP monitoring and documentation toolkit, we encourage you to complete the feedback form on the last page of this document and email it to . This will enable us to continually improve these tools.

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