Sudan Province Profile

Primate: The Most Revd. Justin Badi Arama

Provincial Secretary: Canon John Lumori
Provincial Treasurer: Dr. Abraham Matok Dhal

The Anglican church of South Sudan is an independent national church formed on the biblical call of God to serve, spreading the Gospel for furthering the Kingdom of the Almighty God both spiritually and also with material development.

Anglican Church of South Sudan uses the holistic approach believing that God instituted all the institutions and by his grace placed them on the world and therefore must use his word as the binding rule and fundamental key to success.

The church believe in evangelism, preaching the good news to reach the poor, un-reached, and the lost souls that our Lord died on the cross for, so that they can be saved.

We welcome everyone wishing to serve God spiritually and with any development to join us in this task as we continue preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation. We believe in Unity, Diversity, Peace and Prosperity in the Kingdom of God.

Let us join in the mission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as we are the salt and light of the world (Mattew 5:13-16) and Jesus himself said Go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 20:19-20). This is our Mission

The Episcopal Church of the South Sudan
Provincial Office
P.O Box 12749