The hope for Africa lies in the young generation. However, the question is whether they see themselves as the hope for the continent. The Church has a responsibility empower to the youth in society by engaging them more deliberately and investing in their growth so that they are prepared to engage as agents of transformation and hope.

In 2018, CAPA sought to join in spreading this hope to the youth by convening 290 young men and women from all CAPA Provinces for a five- day workshop at the Multimedia University in Nairobi. Among those invited to participate from outside the continent were youth from Japan, United Kingdom and Canada.

The lessons learnt during this training include:

  1. Effective models for discipleship
  2. Livelihood skills
  3. Responsible citizenship. 

Follow-up action plans were developed by delegates from each of the Provinces and their implementation is monitored by the CAPA Secretariat.

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