The International Day Of Peace Celebrations – Moyo, Uganda.

The 2019 International day of peace was celebrated on the 21st of September. To commemorate it, Uganda Joint Christian Council organized a week long sports tournament in Moyo with both refugee and host communities taking part in the activity. This was a move that was greatly welcomed as was evident through the excitement and great participation witnessed.

The initiative was a brainchild of UJCC. Its aim was to foster peaceful relationships and harmonious living within the district of Moyo, where many politically displaced persons from South Sudan reside. With sports and music being the medium of choice to bring the communities together.

Among the sport activities played, was football and volleyball. The Refugee community emerged victorious in both after facing the host community who put up a worthwhile fight. Besides sports, there were various cultural activities including music and dance where men, women and children participated. This proved how much sports and music can bring people together. Both communities welcomed the initiative quite well and were open to having more similar events.

All parties that were invited to speak, political and religious leaders alike emphasized the need to keep the hope for peace and stability in South Sudan alive. Calls to actions were made to the South Sudanese leaders to put aside their personal differences and focus on the peace and development of their nation. In conclusion, despite the current political uncertainty in South Sudan, her citizens remain hopeful and long for the day that they shall go back home and rebuild their nation.

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