Uganda Province Profile

Primate: The Most Revd. Stanley Ntagali
Provincial Secretary: Rev. Canon Capt William Ongeng
Provincial Treasurer: Mr. Balaam Muheebwa

The Church of Uganda is a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Anglican Church engaged in the mission of Jesus Christ in today’s world. There are over 8 million members and the church is organized in 37 dioceses to serve each region of the country

After its founding in 1877 by the Church Missionary Society, the Church grew through the evangelization of Africans by Africans. The first Ugandan clergy were ordained in 1893 and the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi became an independent Province in 1961. The history of the Church in Uganda has been marked by civil strife and martyrdom. In May 1980 the new Province of Burundi, Rwanda, and Zaire was inaugurated; the Province of Uganda has grown since then from seventeen to thirty-seven dioceses.

The Province is organised into several directorates as below

  • Directorate of Education
  • Directorate of Health
  • Directorate of Household and Community Transformation
  • Directorate of Audit and Assurance Services
  • Directorate of Finance Planning and Investment
  • Directorate of Mission and Outreach
  • Directorate of Management Support Services
  • Church Commissioners Holding Company Limited

The Church of Uganda, with its rich and firm spiritual history, has offered and continues to offer a dynamic and vital faith to peoples around the world.  Already, this is a part of Anglican history in Uganda.  In 1893 Canon Apollo Kivebulaya was the first to take the Gospel to the people of Eastern Congo.  Ugandans such as William and Sala Nagenda, Erica Sabiiti, Festo Kivengere, Janani Luwum, John Wilson, Misaeri Kauma, Edward Muhima, and the current Archbishop, Henry Luke Orombi, have witnessed before world leaders.  In 1996, John Sentamu, a Ugandan Anglican, was consecrated a Bishop in the Church of England, first as the Bishop of Birmingham, and now as the Archbishop of York.

Provincial Secretary
Church of the Province of Uganda
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