CAPA draws all people into fellowship of persons with complementary rather than competing gifts,experiences,skills and interests activated to meet the needs of individuals, communities and the nation. CAPA plays a catalytic tole and towards that has established four commissions composed of 13 members each that have been drawn from all Provinces in Africa. They have expertised and tested experience in thematic focus areas each has been designated to.

Church life and Intra,interfaith Relations

Mandated to: To awaken the church to her role in holistic transformation of communities; providing theological anchoring for the church; mobilizing other faith institutions to use Holy Scriptures as a resource for peaceful coexistence in multi-faith communities.


Mandated to:Contribute to meaningful engagement between faith institutions with governments,in policy development and creating an enabling environment for citizen participation in governance issues,peaceful coexistence,national cohesion and regional cooperation and strengthening CAPA’s engagement with regional hubs namely AU,EAC,SADC and ECOWAS.


Mandated to: Mobilize communities through parishes to map the resources in their midst and to harness them for their development; contribute to equipping communities with financial literacy skills such as budgeting,savings and debt management and how training in financial negotiations,innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Environmental Stewardship Food Security

Mandated to: Contribute to interventions that seek to address the African food security situation and advocate for enabling policies in the areas of budgetary allocation to agriculture,modernization of agriculture and promotion of farming technologies.

  • Emerging Issues: Safe Migration and Human Trafficking

The emerging nature of migration and human trafficking has been precipitated by several factors related to globalization and the ideological and systemic factors or the nexus between migration and other factors such as failed political governance and transitions, socio-economic inequities and environmental and climate changes to list a few, we have set out to Focus on National Development Plans and Strategies given that governments have limited presence in rural communities. We’re cognizant of the fact that Church is the most strategic place for demonstrating how covenanting through agreements with global centers of power on issues of national concern can be done, and how these instruments can be operationalized and analysed to establish their implication in national development.

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